Friday, May 28, 2010

Mini Cake..

My dearest friend, Farina Ayu got engaged today! Congratulations dear! :D:D Here is her engagement cake. Made especially for you dear...a little gift from me :)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Latest updates ...

Hi there folks! Here are some of the latest pics of the latest creations. Some of the pics are missing though :( so,for my customers who took photos of the cakes you guys ordered.. would you mind emailing the shots pls? Thanks!

Butterfly theme - ordered by Maz from RHB. She also ordered her daughter's B'day cake~ Barbie Mariposa~ but the snapshot is missing :(

This is the latest addition to the menu: STEAMED CHOCOLATE CAKE :D A must try! It's super duper moist and it's topped with our signature chocolate topping! :D:D:D

Pink and lilac Carrot Craze.

Naruto cake for ADLAN HARITH!! HAPPY 9th BIRTHDAY DEAR!! This was a 3kg Moist choc cake. Had this cake sent over to his school to be enjoyed with his classmates and teachers :D

Moist Choc and Vanilla Blueberry for Adlan's teachers :)

Moist Choc cuppies - size S - Ben10 theme for Julina from MMU.