Monday, May 26, 2008

Wedding cake..

Hey there people! How was the weekend? Mine was terribly hectic! Here are some of the orders made last week...

Teacher's Day celebration at CECE Cyberjaya. The mommie said.."no cream or icing please..." She said the kids will get themselves all messy. here's PLAIN CHOC MOIST chocolate topping or chocolate filling.

This small wedding cake was ordered by Hamidah for her sister's wedding. Thanks for the order dear...

...the cake not fully decorated yet...putting the ribbon on...

...then piped the royal icing...

...the end product...

Here's a collage of some the cakes...

The cake at the back there is Ms. Ezan's 30th Birthday cake...:P

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Spidey Cake!

Aunty Ngah said she wanted SPIDERMAN CAKE for 'lil Azhad..*GULP* So...tried my very very very's the result..:P

The end product is not that satisfactory as I was rushing...:p Sorry...but this is the best I could do before my 2p.m. appointment. ;)

Hope 'lil Azhad was happy..:p

Friday, May 16, 2008


Happy Teacher's Day to all teachers! Without you..there would be no US. You painted the canvas with gave us knowledge and experience. You tolerated us...encouraged us and motivated guided us...THANK YOU.

To all teachers who taught me in SIGS...thank you. Thanks to all tutors and lecturers at PPP Seksyen 18 Shah Alam... A special thanks to Pn. Maziah...I'm a tough Writing lecturer because of you...;)
For all the teachers out have some guts to be teachers!!:D Not everyone can be as patient as you are! Personally...I've always looked up to teachers...some of my friends are school teachers...and the challenges they have to face now...UNBELIEVABLE!! Hats off to teachers!

To CECE MMU, thank you for settting the foundation for Adlan.

To teachers in Sekolah Rendah Kebangsaan Cyberjaya...thank you for your guidance..and thank you for being patient in teaching Adlan and the other kids in 1J.


This is an addition...thanks to Elly from FMD for ordering the Choc Banana Walnut.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Price is going crazy!!!

Hey there people!

Price for food is rising like nobody's business!! And who are affected? None other than you and me...:( I went to my usual place to get some ingredients for my orders...and guess what...the price for the usual stuff I buy have increased! Take for example...Walnuts..4 weeks ago it was RM26.80 is RM32.80 per kg. And I use walnuts in Carrot Cake...Choc Banana Walnut..and Carrot Cuppies. Butter has increased from RM2.69 per 250gms to 4.50 per 250gms! Even the price Baking Powder and Baking Soda have increased! Can you believe it? This is insane! The price for Philli Cheese has also increased by RM2.50 for the 250gms pack. :((

Do note that Cakes & Such does not compromise on quality. We do not and will not substitute our ingredients with ingredients of lower quality to maintain the price. Due to this...Cakes & Such has no other choice but to increase the price for the cakes we offer:(

The new price will be applicable for orders from 1 June 2008 onwards.

The price for May 2008 will remain the same.

Do look out for our new price list.

In the meantime....

These cakes were ordered my Chocolate Lovers! Mother's Day Cake...Birthday cake ordered by the staff from the AIDS Foundation... and the simple Moist Choc.. are some pics from Adlan's Birthday Bash held on 11 May 2008...

He wanted a HOTWHEELS there you go dear...we even had several HOTWHEELS banners on the walls. Look at the grin on his face...:P. He's guarding his cake from 'lil hands..hehehe...just a few secs before this photo was taken...his adorable 'lil cousin was so attracted to the bright colours that he poked his 'lil fingers in the cake... and everyone's reaction..."aaaaaaa!!!!"....and the 'lil boy's reaction.."WAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!" Hahahaha...hillarious!
HAPPY 7th BIRTHDAY DEAR ADLAN....We love you very much!!!

Thursday, May 8, 2008


Howdy! I've been been so busy baking and baking and baking for you guys that I totally forgot about the Mother's Day Promo!! :(( Huhuhuhu...I have to wait for next year then. But HEY!! Everyday is Mother's Day!! :) We should appreciate our Mommies every single day..:D I feel better.

Here are some pics of some latest orders...

This 1kg Moist Choc was ordered by K.Sal from AIA. Thank you so much for your support! She also ordered the 1kg Carrot Cake.

This cake was ordered by Ms. Jenitta from Klang.

...a collage of the cakes...

By the way, since I didn't have the time to customize the designs for the Mother's Day guys can still order our cakes and we will have simple Mother's Day designs. That's the best I can do folks! However...orders are limited since I already have a few orders text me up...better give me a tinkle if you wish to order. :D

Monday, May 5, 2008

More cakes...

Howdy people!

Here are some pics of some of the latest orders...

This 2kg Moist Choc was ordered by Marinah for her kids' birthday at the kindergarten. Made the cake this morning...sorry for the blur pic...snapped it early this morning. Thanks for ordering Marinah!

This order came from Wanee. She ordered this to celebrate the sister's wedding anniversary... Thanks for ordering dear...

Littlle Prue couldn't decide whether she wanted the cuppies or not...finally...she decided..she wanted them! However....I was out when her mommie ordered...and she told her mommie that she wanted it NOW...Oh dear...Mommie told Prue she'll get her a slice of Secret Recipe's cake instead since aunty is out. She said no. Oh oh. I came back...took the butter out...ready to bake the cuppies for this 'lil girl...but fever came back and my head was as heavy as ever!!! 'Lil Prue was waiting for her cakes. :( I managed to bake them nonetheless...and sent them over at 11 odd at night...and she was already asleep...aaawwww...but...Mommie told me she woke up at 12.30 to eat her cuppies. Boy was I glad I made them! Phew! (that explains the very very simple design;))