Thursday, July 26, 2007

First Entry

Wow! Finally, I managed to sit down and figure out how to come up with this blog. :). What will be on this little online world of mine?

Good question! I'll be posting some pics of the cakes I bake for you guys to order(once I get a digi camera :P). What kind of cakes? Well, I have the ever famous Moist Chocolate Cake, the scrumptious Carrot Cake, and the nice to see and nice to eat Cupcakes! :D

While I actually figure out how to upload the pics without a camera:P, check out the list of cakes I have here:

Moist Chocolate Cake
An all occasion and all time favourite, this cake is filled with all the chocolatety goodness you can imagine. It's topped with chocolate topping and chocolate flakes. Price: RM38 per kg.

Carrot Cake
Unlike any other carrot cake, this cake is filled with loads of grated carrots, pineapple bits, walnuts and raisins! A healthier choice anytime! Top it up with rich cream cheese topping and walnut pieces, you will have a delightful piece of cake to enjoy with your friends and loved ones. Price: RM45 per kg.

Devour your palates and sink your teeth into the different cupcake flavours. We have Moist Chocolate Cupcakes, Vanilla with Blueberry filling, and Vanilla with Choc Chip. All the cakes will be frosted with colourful French Buttercream. More flavours will the invented :D. What's good about the cupcakes is that you can actually customise the designs according to your liking. Every little cupcake is special! Price: RM2.50 per piece.

Did I manage to trigger your tastebuds?

Want to place an order?

Call me at 012-214 0087 for more info!