Friday, December 21, 2007

Eid 'ul Adha Favours...

Some photos which I wanted to upload earlier....but just never had the time to do so...hehehehe;)

Girlish theme.... one is for K.Azlina..and the other.. Afizal... The cuppies were Moist Choc with french buttercream top it up...they were sprinkled with colourful sugar bits...:D Thanks for ordering guys!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Double Choc!

For chocolate lover...something very...very...very...sinful

Moist chocolate cuppies...topped with rich chocolate coating...decorated with tiny flowers made from French Buttercream....definitely something to sink your teeth in...:D

1kg birthday cake for darling Najwa! Happy Birthday girl! Auntie Ngah was looking high and low for the Barbie sugar the end she managed to get Power Puff Girls....I didn't manage to get the pic with Power Puff Girl Sugar pasted on...(if you have the pic Auntie Ngah...can you email me...:P)

There you go! All in a day's work! Theme of the day...PINK and WHITE!

Monday, December 3, 2007

Ooooppppssss....left these...

Here are more pictures!

These were ordered by Ogy for the son's 'aqiqah'. Something simple...yet pleasant I think. She also ordered a 2kg 'Football Field' theme cake! Thanks for ordering Ogy!

Pink and purple are Naza's favourite colours. Reena and the gang wanted cuppies with hearts. So here's photo! The inner part of the heart is made from crystalised coloured and match the theme. :D It's pretty simple.

My latest addition...MINI CUPPIES!!!!

There's about 77 mini cuppies here!

Mini Cuppies come in two flavours: Moist Choc and Orange at RM48 for 50 pieces per order per flavour.

More Pics!!

I can finally upload more pics!!! No...I didn't get a camera...but got myself a new mobile that can perform the task. Talk about killing two birds with one stone! The wonders of technology!! :P

Well, here they are...

Ezan ordered this for Shaz! Happy Birthday Shaz!!! You look younger than your age ;)

Out of all the cakes I bake...this is the all time occasions needed!

A very sinful cake for Chocolate Lovers!! Moist Choc with chocolate filling...topped with rich chocolate coating and decorated with chocolate shavings!