Monday, November 29, 2010

Overdue Updates!

Hi there everyone! How's life? I truly apologise for neglecting this blog for quite a while. I've been super duper busy with a whole lot of stuff~ work, study, work, study, work, study....and it goes on and on...

Anyway, here are some shots of the cakes made. I regret to say that I do not have the pic of the cake themed "Jungle Animals". My customer had to wait for me to do the last minute touch ups for the girraffe on the cake. In the midst of it all...I forgot to snap the photos. :(:(

Blue themed wedding cake for my cousin Safarul and Asyifah. Three flavours: Lemon, Vanilla and Chocolate :D

This is way way way overdue! It's for Kamelia's wedding :P

This is a super duper Banana cake! The cake it filled with mashed bananas and a large serving of fresh bananas in the middle. Nyum!!

A FERRARI cake~ ordered by Ms Erica from UCSI :D Thanks for the order! The Ferrari is a combination of Vanilla cake and Chocolate cake :D:D

Moist Choc cuppies with BOOK theme for a Mock Library launching ceremony. Ordered by Ms.
Parimah from LimKokwing University.

Barbie standing in a garden. This cake was ordered by my buddie~ Hamidah~ for her niece's birthday!! Barbie's skirt is made from Chocolate cake and the garden is made from Lemon cake. Both are topped with Vanilla buttercream. :D