Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Last Call for Choco Mania!

Last Call!! Selling Fast!! Come on people! :D

Monday, March 23, 2009


Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? SPONGEBOB!!!

Here you are folks!!

This SPONGEBOB was ordered by a dear friend ... K.Mazni for her son's Birthday! When I went to her house to deliver the cake... everything was so SPONGEBOB!! She went through all the trouble to make Krabby Patties...under the sea dessert...little octopus...and many more!! Way to go K.Mazni!!

Thanks for your trust dear! Happy Birthday AFNAN!!


Hi there Chocolate Lovers!!!

Good news! We'll be having a promotion - CHOCO MANIA!! Get a box of 9 of our supreme cuppies for an unbeatabe price of RM15 per box!! What's in it?

3 Chocolate Banana cuppies - Moist choc cuppies, filled with fresh bananas and topped with our signature chocolate topping!

3 Double Choc - Moist Choc cuppies drenched with our irresistible chocolate topping!

And....Introducing our new flavour - 3 Choco Drops - This new addition is a combination of our moist choc cuppies and white chocolate chips. Sink your teeth into this mouthwatering dark heaven and find our white choco drops! Such contrasting colours! It's topped with our signature chocolate topping! Try it!

So.. what are you guys waiting for? 9 supreme cuppies for an unbeatable price of RM15!!

When to order? - Tuesday 24th March.
When you'll get your cuppies? Wednesday 25th March.

Putrajaya and Cyberjaya - self pick-up only
KL area- delivery Wednesday morning - only for minimum of 5 packs per office / venue.

Limited to the first 35 orders only! 10 boxes have been sold!!


Friday, March 13, 2009

Pictures and more pictures!!

After looking high and low...I finally found my USB cable...:D So here you are guys! Pictures and more pictures!! Some of them are pretty outdated though - last year's pics :P

Another BARNEY cake. Ms. Jaslina Haris ordered this for her niece's 4th Birthday. 1kg Moist Choc and Moist Choc cuppies - flower and butterfly motive. :D This was last year's order....found the pics after I went through some folders. hehehe

My personal favourite...sweet pink:D These Carrot Craze were ordered by my buddie, Hamidah:D. Carrot cake is her favourite selection:D. These cuppies are frosted with the ever creamy Cream Cheese - Again, last year's order :P

A similar design....but in lilac.
The theme for this Choc Chips set is CARS & TOOLS. One of the toughest design! :P Took me 2 hours to complete 48 pieces. Cars, screwdrivers, pliers and many more....This was ordered my one of my regular customers - Ms. Wanie

These cuppies were ordered by Ms. Sarena. Her second time ordering.

And here....the BIG CAKES....

1kg Moist Choc surrounded by 16 Blueberry Cuppies:D Moist Choc and Chocolate Strawberry - Moist Choc Cake filled with strawberry cream and fresh strawberry slices. Topped with our signature chocolate topping and strawberry fondue.


This special order came from MUAR. Ms. Ain Amani ordered Carrot Cake for the mum's birthday. The cake was delivered to her Mum in Taman Tun. A pleasant surprise from a daughter miles away :D

Moist Choc - ordered by Ms. Saila from Putrajaya - a birthday celebration for some girlfriends.

1kg Moist Choc- this order came all the way from Seremban.

This is a very special order:D. A close friend of mine - Mazni- called me on Saturday...her cousin was getting engaged the next day and she had a very bare fruit cake. So...she needed me to top the cake up with fondant and sugar flowers. So I told her to bring the cake over and I'll see what can be done. So here it is.. a last minute decorated hantaran cake. :D

Another order from another regular customer and friend - Ms. Izzaty. Prue wanted a PINK cake! So here you are dear... a pink BARBIE cake. She celebrated her 6th birthday with all her friends in school:D

This is another of my favourites. This was ordered by my University mate - MONA. She ordered these maroon and silver theme cuppies for her sister's engagement. These white base cuppies are decorated with maroon rosettes, silver ribbons and silver beads. :D

PHEW!!!! That's all folks! After 2 hours...all the pics are finally uploaded ( I might have missed some :P) .

Till next time..TA!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

More pics!

Hi there everyone! Here are more pics! I can't seem to upload new pics now as I can't seem to find my USB cable...huhuhuhu:(. I know it's somewhere....

This was ordered by AIDA for he anniversary...2008's order:P

These were ordered by ALISHA's mummy for her 2nd birthday. The butterflies were individually packed for the kids' party packs. 2008's order as well ;)

These were the 'lil butterfly cuppies before there were packed into their 'lil containers.

Ok folks...once I manage to get the pics onto my laptop here...I'll upload them for you!

Till next time...TA!