Monday, May 9, 2011

Double Choc Brownies

Ok folks! A lot of people think chocolate brownies and chocolate cake are the same! No they are not! Duhhh...even the name is different!

Cakes are soft and light. Brownies, on the other hand, are supposed to be slightly chewy and heavy.

Therefore, making chocolate cakes that are square and flatter do not count as BROWNIES ok...

Want to taste real Brownies? Then come and give our Double Chocolate Brownies a try! Taste the difference! You will love it!

I didn't manage to snap the pic of the Brownie before it was sliced to pieces. This was taken after it was sliced an topped with vanilla ice cream! YUMMIE!!! This was ordered by my buddie Hamidah!! :D Thanks for the order Darl!

Dolphin cake!

This birthday cake was made for Prue Batrisya. Happy birthday dear! Hope you like the cake!

Introducing the talked about Red Velvet!

Just look at this divine cake!! Red Velvet ... filled and frosted with creamcheese!! Must must must try!!