Monday, June 23, 2008

Howdy Folks!

Hi there! I know...:('s been quite a while since I last updated. I've been very very very busy:( . Loads to do! I've been baking a lot too! Thanks a zillion for all your support :D:D:D

Here are some of the pics of the latest orders...enjoy...:)

This order came all the way from Tokyo. It's his third time ordering! Thanks for the support! He ordered Strawberry flavoured cuppies filled with strawberry filling.


Come on everybody...sing along to this tune ..."Barney is a dinosaur from our imagination. And when he's here it's what we call a dinosaur sensation." This is another return customer...Sabrina!


Flower Power and Spidey Web! These were designed for a double celebration Birthday Bash... 'lil girl...Aisyah...and the 'lil boy Syami - Happy Birthday to the both of you! :D

Parents who wish to order can have the cuppies packed in the above casing and pop them in the kids' party pack:D


These 'lil cars and balls were ordered by Zura for her son who just turned 2.


Carrot Cake and Moist Choc ...ordered by Yana and Ina...all the way from PENANG!!! Yana's brother was in KL for a meeting and the order came in the night before he went back. He had to delay his trip to wait for the cakes be ready as I had prior orders to complete...hehehehe....sorry....


A return customer...her third order...thanks Sabrina!


These two were ordered by Zura...Her second order in a month! Thanks for your support! :D The pink and red cuppies - Moist Choc. The white and blue cuppies - Carrot Craze.


I didn't manage to snap all the pics of the cakes as sometimes I would have to rush...but my special thanks to Zakiah for ordering the Moist Choc last week - her 2nd time ordering the same cake, Zira in Seremban for ordering the Carrot Craze, Aida from MMU for ordering a 2kg Spidey Cake and Carrot Craze and K. Sal from AIA for ordering the Carrot Cake. Thanks for all your support!

Ok folks...till we meet next time...take care! Before I's a collage of some of the cakes...:D

Ta!! Look out for the PROMO next week!!