Monday, July 14, 2008

Yeay!!! Pics!!

Howdy people!!

I finally managed to transfer some of the pics to the PC. Yea!!

This is especially made for K.Mazni...HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR!!! The center is Carrot cake topped with cream cheese. It;s surrounded by Moist Choc Cuppies!

This one is Catt from Bukit Jalil...her second order.

Another repeat order....from Zira...

An order from a regular customer...K.Azlina from KFH...thanks!! - Vanilla Choc Chip with Chocolate Ganache.

These two sets were ordered by Sabrina from Australia for the cousin and a friend in Petronas Twin Towers. It's her third time ordering.

These are for KFH's Corporate Training. Ordered by their Training and Development Unit. The top pic is Chocolate Banana cuppies..followed by Vanilla Choc Chip...and a last one...a repeat order for Chocolate Banana.

These were ordered by Niza...all the way from UUM Kedah...

This order was made for Siti Zubaidah..from MMU...thanks for ordering!

Shopaholic Theme!!! Ordered by Hayza! I must say...this is the toughest order!!

Hmmm...I think I may have missed some orders...but hope you guys enjoyed some of the pics!

Told you I missed some...

The Cuppies drizzled with chocolate there was ordered by Helmi from Japan for his friend's birthday. Delivered them to PWTC. The 1kg Moist Choc had to be cut into 'lil squares for a Corporate training at KFH.

...And here's a zoom-in of some of the cakes made...