Friday, November 13, 2009

Hello Everyone!!!

Hi there everyone!! How are you guys doin'? So so so sorry for the long silence...been extremely busy with loads of stuff. Not been bakin' too much now coz have too much to handle at the moment...
Anyway, I have been getting phonecalls and emails askin' me whether I still bake or not and whether I am still takin' orders. Actually...there were other questions too.. but here are the answers:
1. Yes, I still bake.
2. Yes, I am still takin' orders - but orders are very limited due to my tight schedule.
3. No, I longer deliver cakes - only self-pickup unless it's in large numbers (sorry folks...really do not have the time).
4. No, I didn't take any orders for this year's Eid...and no, I didn't have any promo either (only took one order...).
5. Yes, you can still order but you need to give me at least one week notice.
Hmm....I think that's about it. Hope I answered most of the questions. Anway, here are some pics...really outdated though :p Seriously! I forgot who ordered them.. and I lost some pics. These are the pics I could find. Sorry folks!
Process of Making the Blueberry Cheese Tartlets - made on the night before Eid - sister's request.;)

Mould for the tartlets are ready here...

Next...fill them up with the ever creamy creamcheese mixture....

Then swirl the blueberry filling in...

After 20 minutes in the oven..VOILA!!

Ok...this next cake was orderd by Izzaty...can't remember when..been ages I think..Sorry for the late post Ty. ;) This was for her son's birthday UKHAIL.

I can't quite seem to remember who ordered this number 1 cake. I think it was Hamidah's cousin.. not too sure..sorry ya... It was Chocolate Strawberry cake.. :D
Another Upin and Ipin Cake... these two characters seem to be popular...uuhhhh...who are they? .

The next two pics are engagement cakes... one in baby pink and the other in pure white...

This is the all time favourite! Moist Choc Cake! :D

Ok..that's it for now...will upload the pics of the cuppies in a while..ta!