Friday, July 5, 2013

Overdue pics and posts!

Howdy! No excuses! Yes...I have not been updating. So sorry for abandoning this blog for quite a while. Tell you what... go to our FB page and like the page. All updates are there now. Here's the link are the latest creations... in no particular order. :)

 Avengers Theme Birthday cake :)

 Blue Baby Shower CAke

 Barbie CAke :)

 Boston Cream Pie! And yes... it's a cake...not a pie. ;) 

 Almond Brownies, Oreo Brownie and Hershey's Brownie :)

 Burger Theme cake :) Cake-e-licious! 

 Buss Lightyear! 

 M&Ms Galore! Candddyyyyyyyyyyyyy!! 

 Cookies & Cream! Ommmm nooommmmm.

 Another Cookies & Cream CAke

 Cream puffs filled with French Pastry Cream! 

 Monster High Theme cake! 

 Torn between the two?

 Oreo cheesecake :)

 Rainbow cake! Now just look at the vibrant colours!

Red & White theme wedding cake:)


Alcie Arora said...

Super cool. I love creativity done in all the cakes. There are many stores in the market which offers cakes online, anyone can order cakes online.

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